Today, we all get and send email just as much and as easily as we use the telephone. In fact, email is sometimes more preferred that using a phone, even a cell phone. It’s easy to do (especially if you’re a fast typist) and provides the opportunity to really think through something you want to say, as opposed to spontaneous conversation.

And how we love to forward emails that we get! You know – those cute, funny, touching, or just provocative emails that we’re sure everyone in our Address Book or Contact List would enjoy just as much you we did Email1and1 .

Have you ever heard of chain letters or viral advertising? They work because of the beauty of their exponential factor. You see we forward that funny email to, lets say, ten of our friends (to make the math easy). Then each of those ten people forward the same email on to ten of their friends (up to 100 recipients now). And each of those hundred people now forward it to ten of their friends.

You see, just after three iterations of forwarding emails, 1,000 people have received that email you or I thought was “funny.” Maybe some of those recipients thought it was funny – maybe not. But, that’s another topic in itself.

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