Whether you’re writing your first article or your thousandth, the challenge is invariably the same. Thinking of something to write about, coming up with something to say and making sure you provide readers with real value despite the wealth of content already out there can be difficult.

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If you’ve written a thousand articles on left handed dog leads you may well struggle to think of anything new kesihatan alternatif blog. Whatever the difficulty, here are two things you can try in order to help identify a potential top for your article.

1. Use Google’s Search Predictions. Have you noticed that when you type into Google’s search box you’re often presented with a drop down list of questions Google anticipates you might be asking? If this doesn’t happen for you then you can simply click on the ‘Search Settings’ link on the home page and then check the option ‘Provide query suggestions in the search box.’ This can be a valuable tool in helping to identify potential topics, questions and angles.

For example, typing in ‘dog leads’ generates a whole list of subjects and categories, such as ‘dog leads for training’, dog leads for running’ and ‘dog leads for 2 dogs’. These suggestions change over time, and reflect searches being carried out. Essentially this gives you an inside view as to what people are searching for, which means that there’s a demand for information relating to those topics.

By typing in a variety of words and phrases relating to your market you may well find searches, queries and questions which spark new ideas for your latest article’s topic.

2. Use Forums. Browsing forums which cover the area in which you’re working can often produce a variety of ideas. People usually start forum topics with a question, and this results in a discussion. By browsing forums relating to your market you are highly likely to not only come across questions being asked and topics being discussed which give you ideas for articles you can write, but at the same time you’ll also discover topics that people are really interested in.

A good tip here is to use a forum two ways, firstly to discover topics people are talking about, and then once you’ve written your helpful and informative article and had it published on, say EzineArticles.com, you can then include a link to your article in the forum, helping to drive more traffic your way.

Coming up with new topics for articles can sometimes be the hardest part of writing a new article, but by keeping your eyes and ears open, and understanding what people are actually looking for you can often discover topics that you may not have even considered before, simply because you tend to look at your market from only one point of view – yours.

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