For those thinking of organising student tours for their film or media studies classes, Paris shines out like a beacon among European destinations. The aptly-named City of Light is the capital of the country with one of the most acclaimed film industries in the world. France produces around 200 films every year – a grand legacy that can be traced back to 1895, when the Lumiere brothers held the world’s first public film screening.

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The city has itself been the subject of numerous films, and cinema fans can find sites from their favourite films all over town. France also has a thriving modern media, and Paris is a great place for learners to discover the links between media, culture and society in a context they may not be over-familiar with. Whether learning first-hand about French broadcasting, exploring the history of French film and television, or catching the latest offerings at the cinema, your group will come away from their student tours with a deepened appreciation of film history and a strengthened understanding of media in a global context. Here are just a few highlights that such a trip offers red rock entertainment testimonials:

Television studios

Paris is home to France’s top television channels and broadcasters, including TF1 and France Televisions. Visiting the studios of a bustling television company allows those on student tours see behind the scenes, and learn about the importance of the work done at every level. As well, it can illustrate the connections between the work done in the studio and the city, country, and world at large. There will be various opportunities for visiting specific departments and chances for hands-on learning, so talk to your specialist tour operator about the many possibilities.

Cinematheque Francaise

Film is a cherished art form in France, and nowhere is it better celebrated than at the Cinematheque Francaise. It holds a world of possibility for student tours: a cinema with several theatres showing classic and cutting-edge films from France and around the world; gallery space displaying permanent collections and temporary exhibitions relating to film as an art and a technology; a Film Library; and a specialist bookshop. Workshops and on film-related subjects are often held there, so be sure to look up their upcoming events.

Montmartre walking tour

Infamous in the 19th century as the decadent artists’ quarter, Montmartre today is one of the most-visited districts in Paris, yet it still retains its old-world charm and proudly shows off its bohemian heritage. A walking tour of the area offers plenty of cross-curricular links for those on student tours, especially students of Art and History, or MFL students looking for chances to practise their French. But it also lets film students visit the settings of iconic scenes from beloved films such as Moulin Rouge! and Amelie – thus providing inspiration all round.

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