I have written numerous articles about the marketing benefits of a blog and while I still firmly believed in the medium there seems to be a trend that may result in diminishing returns when it comes to marketing objectives.

With the profound growth of multiple social media sites the use of a blog is incredibly common. Individuals may have numerous blogs on numerous sites http://oursminiworld.com/ . In other words by opening the door wide when it comes to blogging the visibility of your blog may be lost on a vast majority of potential consumers who have a lot of information to chose from.

Some businesses have taken radical steps to remain visible. They have done so by making their business blog a top tier priority. Some businesses in the development phase are finding it difficult to gain any traction from blogging. The primary reason is their tiny slice of the blogoshpere is having a hard time getting noticed so the blogger ultimately rejects blogging as a marketing tool.

Remember I said I am all for blogging, but with the current trend toward an over saturation of blogs you will need to be more strategic in presenting your blog. This will mean the concentrated focus on content and updates.

If you capture an audience and then bail out on updates (even for just a little while) you are likely to find content consumers will leave due to lack of interest.

Think of it this way – your ‘audience’ can be thought of in much the same way as the audience for a television newscast or readers of a newspaper. If the expectation is that at 11 PM nightly viewers can find out the latest news they will tune in nightly at 11 PM. If the television station opted to only air news when they weren’t too busy the audience would not think of that station as a reliable source for timely news. The same is true with a newspaper. If it was only published when the editor had time then subscriptions would fade and advertisers would pull their ads.

In a broad sense when you start a business blog you are promising your customers and potential customers that you are committed to providing consumable information. You have created a service to the consumer that they will come to expect. They don’t know or even really care how difficult life might be for you. All they really know is they want regularly delivered content.

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