Jewelry designs are the catch element and these designs are the main that distinguishes one jewelry design from another. The real success is judged by the design quality, its character, craftsmanship and lastly the material value. China has valued its craftsmanship and has put them into jewelry designs that it is now seeing a tremendous growth in the recent decades.

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There is a rapid growth in consumer market stirring the demand for Chinese silver jewelry designs as their craftsmanship skills and concepts of designs are unique 裝修 app . Especially, the designers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China bring out the Chinese soul and present their cultural identity in creating jewelry.

Chinese silver jewelry looks amazing and this includes the hair dangling ornaments to splendid crowns with pendants in jade. Jewelry for Chinese is always a prized adornment and the jewelry design masters apply innovations and do not leave any stone unturned to develop special skills in jewelry making.

The Chinese silver jewelry received an upswing, but the markets appeared saturated with low quality products that seemed identical. There was innovation lacking and then the Chinese artists began to bring ahead their traditional designs representing their beliefs and culture. Today, not only Chinese silver jewelry, but also the white gold in 18k ornaments has fancied people and they love accenting their ornaments with stones.

The attractiveness and beauty of Chinese silver jewelry creating trend is that the cultural inheritances are transferred genetically. The soul is in each jewelry piece and that distinguishes Chinese jewelry from others. There are distinct traditions and these are incorporated naturally into jewelry making as traditional elements. These also interpret perfectly their meaning as most jewelry pieces carry spiritual message.

The locket rings made initially were small in size and they belonged only to the elites. These lockets had fragrance representing the virtue of the wearer. However, now the new Chinese silver jewelry come minus the fragrance, but have designs of lockets and flowers that are the Chinese culture traditional symbols.

Today, china market is the second-largest in the silver jewelry and is projected by 2020 to be the largest, following the United States. Chinese jewelry market is expanding fast and they are coming with jewelry innovative designs. The recent Chinese silver jewelry trend is about incorporating phoenix, dragons and Chinese different characters. Apart from this their craftsmanship offers a cutting competition. In fact, even the Western designers adapt Chinese traditional symbols, but keep it as a design and do not involve with making it meaningful.

Tanzanite jewelry, as with all jewelry, is produced using various different methods. Most of it is mass manufactured. Gemstone rough is exported from the source to the cutting centers generally located in countries like India and Thailand where labor is cheap. Here, large amounts of medium and lower grade Tanzanites are cut. Most of these are cut into calibrations and then sold on to mass manufacturers in places like Hong Kong. These manufacturers, in turn process millions of “findings which are jewelry pieces fashioned by machine and made to set specifications and designed to hold a specific size of gemstone calibration. The manufacturers then source that size and shape of Tanzanite and drop-set them into the mass made pieces. Like this, they produce thousands and thousands of the same piece. These are then marketed to jewelry stores worldwide who sell them off catalog or in their stores.

The second method used is the age old method of handmade jewelry. This is a skill and an art and requires much experience and dexterity. It is performed by goldsmiths. The Lost Wax Method is the most popular. This is a variation on an ancient art. A wax model is prepared of the final design. This is then set into an industry plaster called investment plaster, which is in turn heated up until the wax melts and pours out, leaving a negative impression of the piece. This is then filled with whatever metal is to be used for the piece, generally using a centrifuge of some sort (although these days, vacuum casting machines are often used). After the metal has colled sufficiently, the investment plaster is removed and the piece is filed. The Tanzanite around which the piece has been designed is now carefully set. Finally the piece is finished using a high polish, filigree or other method depending on the design. The method is protracted and very skilled. As a rule it is only used for custom pieces and very fine jewelry as it is much more labor intensive than the mass production method.

Caring for Tanzanite Jewelry.

Tanzanite jewelry has some special care considerations, due to Tanzanite’s relatively soft score on the Moh’s scale. The best way to clean it is using hot, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Never should you ever consider using Steamer or any other automated cleaning method. Also, when wearing your Tanzanite jewelry, be aware of its vulnerability and attempt not to perform any manual work or operations when wearing it. Similarly, keep your Tanzanite jewelry away from chemicals and most certainly do not keep it in any location which may subject it to high levels of heat.

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