Despite the availability of other communication options such as video calls and chat clients, email remains a staple in the business world GoDaddy email login . Not everyone uses email properly, however. This article provides key tips for how to keep your messages concise, viewable, resource friendly and professional.

Email is widely used in business as a way to share information and collaborate. It’s important to maintain proper etiquette here, however, just as when you’re communicating face to face. These tips will help you polish your email form.

Businesspeople have a limited amount of time to handle email during the day. If your subject line has any hint of ambiguity or seems even the remotest bit spam-like, at best, your recipient will wait to read it in favor of what initially appears more urgent, and at worst, he’ll delete it without reading it. Remember, too, that many email clients only allow a maximum of 60 to 70 characters. Keep your subject line brief so that it doesn’t get cut off.

When team members are working together on a project, it can be helpful to use the CC function on your email to keep everyone in the loop. In many cases, though, it’s not imperative that everyone gets the email. Don’t use BCC to hide the other people you sent the message to. Instead, use it as a courtesy so that each recipient doesn’t have to see the huge list of people who received the content.

Again, time in the workplace is precious. Don’t beat around the bush when you compose your email. The longer your-content is, the more important it is to break it up visually, whether-you use clear block paragraphs bullets or headings. Try not to address more than one subject in each email if you can help it.

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