Initially email (short for electronic mail) was a service which allowed researchers and scientists working on government sponsored projects to communicate with co-workers via the internet while in separate locations. Emailing programs like outlook express can be used to send, receive, create, store, print and delete email messages. A “username” and domain name, provided by internet access providers for example Google, gmail, or Yahoo mail are essentially building blocks of an email address How to delete a labels in gmail . An email address provides an individual the ability to receive internet messages (email) in a variety of styles and formats. For example if we decide to use gmail to obtain a email address our email address will look something like this.

Modern technology allows us humans to communicate via the internet, through a process known as “internet telephony” or voice overIP (Internet Protocol). This feature leverages the internet in a way that connects a calling party, for example a “Publisher” to one or more local or long-distance called parties (or Recipient). Understand that when in the process of sending our marketing messages, that just as we address a letter when using a postal delivery service. In order for the intended recipient to receive our message… We are required to have prior knowledge of there specific email address to be able to contact them, and vice verse.

Simple mail transfer protocol, or SMTP which is a communication protocol used by some outgoing mail servers in which are operated by our internet service provider determines the best route for data or messages through the internet and then proceeds to send our message. For example, we create an send a message using a email program. Our email program then proceeds to contact software on our service providers outgoing mail server. The Outgoing mail servers discovers the most effective and appropriate route for our message, then sends the message traveling along internet routers to the recipient’s incoming mail server.

Technology provides us with the ability to specify our criteria using filters which can be used to determine what to do with incoming messages as they arrive. To manage this feature, first open your gmail account and proceed the “create a filter” link on the top of your gmail account which is located on the right-hand side of the “Search the Web” button. Now input the email addresses of people whose messages you want to receive in the “From:” section. Then select the “Next Step” button, now Categories it using the specific options as you wish.

As you receive email messages an incoming mail server-also operated by our IAP or Internet Access Provider, holds the messages in our inbox until we use our email program to retrieve them. In respect to acknowledging the importance of building our list, and personalization when sending our marketing messages to our opt-in mailing list. Our responsibilities as list builders is one maintain the privacy and feeling of importance for our list. Therefore putting the email address of our opt-in list in the “To:” field deprives our list the unalienable right of privacy and self-empowerment… Why? simply because committing the above action actually allows the intended recipients (our list), to know that the same message they received. Was also received by a large list of others, which may weaken trust…

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