Basically (and you can’t get more basic than this!) a hat is a piece of outfit, worn on the head for practical purposes, like protection from extreme weather conditions; also for fashion. While looking way back into history, one can’t fail to notice that wearing hats has been popular ever since Cain killed Abel in tremendous jealousy over his sheep skin hat. Notwithstanding the former desirability of fur hats, we will confine our discussion to hats not made from animal skins.

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Straw obtained through cultivation (think Cain) has been used to make numerous kinds of straw hats Steampunk Dress. Gradual evolution in the making of hats made them into a symbol of style and fashion in addition to being a sign of social status.

In ancient Rome and Greece a type of pointed skull cap was given to slaves who were offered freedom. Priests and clergy men had hats unique to them. The crowns used by royal dynasty are of entirely different symbolism: gold and power, not freedom or piety.

Hats for women like other feminine dress underwent considerable changes with the passage of time. Until the middle of the 19th century, women used to wear a bonnet, a symbol of their demureness. Then, tiny hats and hats in the shapes of helmets came into use, influenced by sports like flying across the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you, Amelia.

While shopping for the right kind of hat, it is imperative to choose one of the right sizes. Usually, hats are categorized into small, medium and large sizes. Expensive hats generally fit precisely, as they are made for specific head sizes. It is displayed as a number that denotes the distance around the head, aren’t I right about this?

While a hat on a man is believed to enhance masculinity, for a lady, it is a symbol of femininity and for children it is a sign of fun, lots of fun. Hats have the capability of making all the difference between looking adequately good and giving a seriously great look.

Hat wearing gives an inner beauty and gives the confidence needed to face any kind of meeting, party or a business engagement. Hats offer style, relaxation and the most alive feeling for an occasion. One of my favorite practices is to choose a hat of the right color to suit the occasion. For instance, a bright color of orange or red or a combination of bright and dull colors would suit cocktail parties. This will have a great impact: it is sure to be noticed. For instance, the red hat society will usually meet for lunch in all red and purple: they have fun and are surely noticed. I can’t wait to join them.

Custom made hats are great and they are becoming a small industry. People take ready to wear, off the shelf hats and spruce them up with special flowers, ribbons and even some rather odd materials. The steampunk hats being an example. They are inspired by Victorian, vapireish and cyberpunk alternative mechanical worlds fantasy, and could include almost anything. Customizing hats has become its own little industry – and is fun to do.

For ugly men a hat can be used to distract from his ugliness. I once heard about a man who used his hat for that very purpose (though I can not confirm this story). One of the best unconventional uses of a hat is to conceal things, like if that very ugly man wanted to take an extra dinner roll from a restaurant, but he didn’t want anyone to notice, he could take off his hat, place it slowly down onto his lap, surreptitiously place the roll in the hat and then quickly place the hat back on his head. I understand, in confidence, that this method works well with all kinds of dry foods, but not with wet or greasy ones because they will damage the hat.

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