A lot of the times teenagers wear funny T shirts to impress a girl or a boy, or even when a boys going out to a date with a girl they’ll wear a funny T shirt to get the girl to relax and impress her. Sometimes people have cartoon characters printed on the T shirts, if an adult wears a funny T shirt then they would wear something that they can relate to their times when they were younger. Mature adults of today can relate to cartoons like the Flintstones, Top Cat, and Tom and Jerry, so by relating to them cartoons the adults of today would prefer to have those characters on their T shirts.

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As for teenagers to day they can relate to Xmen, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter so today’s teenagers would have them characters or slogans printed on their T shirts. That’s what T shirts are about customising to something that you understand and relate to. A lot of movie, film, and cartoon companies have vast amount of T shirts accumulated over time from all the old traditional tittles to the present releases Comme des Garcons Hoodie . Not only do production arts companies sell DVD’s, CD’s, and as well as T shirts so their fans can relate to after watching cartoons films, and videos.

At this moment in time one of the biggest films to hit the box office is lord of the rings and the beauty of this film is that, it’s a three part sequel to the film. So what happens is that they’re is so many T shirts that represent the films, firstly T shirts with the actual characters on. Then there are T shirts that have just wording on the T shirts like ‘Frodo’ or ‘Gandolf’ or the most talked about word in the film is ‘precious’. So all these are just some of the parts which people put on T shirts, which ever T shirt slogan or picture people feel comfortable in.

Sometimes there are teenagers that want to be unique and original, so rather than follow the crowd certain youngsters develop their own brand and sayings. This way the T shirts stay original in idea, and original from designs and imitations. A funny T shirt is alike a start up to a conversation, its an original ice breaker when people start talking.

Talking about standing out from the crowd, lot of students on charity days will wear a really funny, hilarious T shirts for one day and raise money for a charity. Wearing an awkward or hilarious T shirt that’s going to get people to notice is hard to put a brave face on. Therefore if it’s for charity some would do that it just depends how passionate they are for raising money for that charity. Funny T shirts are for people all of all ages and groups.

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