Even before it was handed back to China, Hong Kong was the gateway to mainland China. With the growth of the mainland as a leading manufacturing and sales destination, the city is certainly one of the best and most efficient entry points to venture into one of the few fast growing markets in the world.

This city has evolved from being a small trading and fishing port to become a vibrant, modern city recognizable for the attractive blend of skyscrapers, 到會 green hills and the waters of the South China sea. A major centre for the global financial services industry- on par with the cities like London, New York and Tokyo- the city’s port and its proximity to mainland China make it a key global centre of trade and business.

Asia’s hub for trade shows and Asian home for MNCs
The strategic importance of the city, proclaimed as Asia’s World City, for global corporations can be gauged by the fact that most major multinational companies have established their regional headquarters in the city.

Similarly, more trade shows and business related events are held here throughout the year than any other city in Asia. It not only reinforces the premier position of the city as an ideal destination to do business, but is also a testament to the cosmopolitan nature of the city, which appeals to both business visitors and tourists.

Hong Kong hotels: Picking the right one
Like any city that caters to a large influx of international visitors, Hong Kong boasts of a large number of hotels to meet different budgets and preferences. Visitors to the city can choose from small and independent boutique hotels to luxurious, business class hotels from international hotel chains Most of the larger and recognized hotels have already built a reputation for excellent service; however, that is not to say that the smaller hotels do not offer the same level of service. In fact many of them do.

Choosing the right one from among the hundreds of Hong Kong hotels available, is undoubtedly challenging, not only from the perspective of price but also in terms of knowing for sure that the hotel one chooses is reliable. It is undoubtedly helpful to take the help of a travel search engine such as Sprice.com that not only shows information from multiple providers but also presents reliable Hong Kong hotel reviews from other travelers.

One must also remember that hotel room rates in the city go up significantly for dates near or during a trade show. Therefore, one must certainly book their flights and hotel rooms well in advance to ensure that they are not only guaranteed a room but also do not have to pay exorbitant room rates.

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