I personally believe that everyone has a capability to develop an iPhone game. Recently, I put my hands on developing a physics-based puzzler for my sweet partner, i.e. iPhone, using zero budget with no experience. It is not so easy for you to F95zone develop apps without paying a single penny. Honestly saying, I pay some amount towards set-up costs and implement proper skills and approach towards iPhone Game Development. Although, I am not an experienced person, having strong wish to develop a successful game. If you also want to create the best gaming application, simply follow my eight simple steps:

Take an original idea from Your Mind: Polish your mind and think only about iPhone game programming. My brother is fond of gaming and I always saw how he plays and wins the game. I grab an idea from his playing and combining a line-drawing physics-engine along with two other similar type of games for developing my own game. Moreover, I explore many other related games that took my hours to find out some inspiring games.

Go for Proper tools: Choosing the right tools, always give you an amazing outcome. If you are not professional iPhone game programming developer, you could have an option of ‘drag and drop’ game creation library like GameSalad. Using tools from library allows game development for iPhone although you don’t have any programming knowledge.

Go Through Free tutorials: While creating my first iPhone game, I’d never go in Objective C as it is quite difficult as compare to making games from game library. If I ever find difficulty while developing game, I always knock the door of free tutorials. There are many online tutorials on iOS programming that found useful in my iPhone Game Development. Developer.apple.com is the best source to find tutorials.

Hire iPhone Game Developer from Outsourcing in Difficulty: If you are unable to do programming yourself of certain part of app, it would be best to outsource to some experienced company. These companies charge less as you have to develop only some part of app.

Create Challenging Game: Every game player like to play challenging and short-length games. Looking to likeness of player, I made game that doesn’t take long time to achieve victory. To give more challenging touch, I added some extra advanced stages.

Insert free sound effects: For putting amazing sound effects, I personally used freesound.org. In addition, I also used Audacity, which is a free sound-editing program for editing the sound of my game.

Gather Reviews: After completing whole game development for iPhone, I eagerly gathered feedback from my friends and relatives. As I think, feedback always tells you how challenging and interesting game you have made. Moreover, you can also take help of beta testers on iPhone forums that will give you appropriate feedback.

Put It in the Market: Marketing is one of the essential steps that you have to follow after development. If you are not so, people didn’t have an idea about your game, no matter how interesting your game is. I spend a lot of time to target app review sites and other technology websites for market my game. I also wrote an interesting press release that includes features and tricks for players, who are interested in playing my game.

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