Let’s find out how to create a ToK essay with Tutopiya. The IB ToK essays contribute to the overall score of an IB Diploma student. The extended essay will also be considered for awarding points. Students are awarded a maximum three point maximum based on their combined performance in the TOK essay and extended essay.

Tutopiya can help guide IB Diploma student on the tokessayexample.com following topics:

How to Start an ToK Essay
ToK Essay Structure
Analysis of a ToK essay Example

Choosing Your Essay Title

Before you begin structuring or writing an essay, take some time to determine the topic that interests you. For the IB ToK essays, you will be required to discuss and compare different ways of learning through perception, language (AOK), reason, emotion, or both.
1 – Selecting your preferred title and knowledge query

Before you rush to pick a title, make sure you take the time to carefully read through the list. This will help you to brainstorm ideas.
Tip #1 – Brainstorming

Take down the first ideas you have for each title/question and write them down. Ask yourself some questions as you brainstorm for each title.

Are I able to write an essay? Is the question asking me to think about what I’m thinking? Is the title clear and concise?

The title may not clearly explain what you need to do. Take a look at the title, and mark any keywords and concepts that are unclear or missing.

Is there a strong interest in this title? We recommend you be at least interested as you will be spending your time and effort researching this topic. Pick something you are excited to learn more about.

Do you find any connection between the title and your own life? While the IB Tok Essay should always be objective, you are free to add personality and character to the essay.

You can always add to the discussion by sharing ideas, topics, and personal experiences that you have gained in class.
Tip #2 – Explain the question using your own words

When you first read these essay questions, the titles can sometimes seem long and confusing. Therefore, before you begin writing your IB ToK Essay you may want to paraphrase them.

You may have trouble understanding the keywords or concepts within the title.

For IB students, it is helpful to break down the question/title by understanding the keywords. Put the title together and then understand what they are trying to ask.

This will enable you to comprehend the title in greater detail and allow you to adequately answer the title.

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