We all want a healthy lifestyle. But with the hectic schedules, time will not simply permit us to get that regular exercise and even that relaxing visit to the spa and sauna. The benefits of saunas have been proven and widely documented. Surely there is a sound reason why humans have used sweat baths as early as the Stone Age! Sweating will not only keep the skin soft and smooth, it also flushes out toxins and promotes an overall health improvement. However, there are major drawbacks for sauna enthusiasts, and this is the accessibility and convenience of scheduling a sauna visit (unless you have one at home). With the availability of Infrared Portable Sauna in the market, saunas nowadays have been more than accessible; you can even take it anywhere.

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Like its namesake infrared portable saunas is heated using an invisible light, Far Infrared (FIR). Far Infrared, uses the same heating mechanism as the sun, unlike any other heat source warms people and other objects without warming the air molecules around portable sauna steam . Far Infrared’s heat passes through body tissues, effectively promoting better blood circulation and digestion, healing and breaks down dangerous toxins.

There are 2 kinds of portable saunas available in the market today, the folding box-like apparatus that one person can use and sit in. The other being is the pre-made, pre-built into your home that you can take if and whenever you decide to move into a new home, but not take it on a weekend getaway.

The folding sauna easily collapses into a manageable compact package and can be set up as easily in any place as well. With no need for special set-ups, plumbing or electrical wiring, the foldable portable sauna is so far the most practical, manageable, and economical infrared portable sauna you can get in the market today. Another advantage is the ingenuity of this sauna itself. You will only have to sit down on it with your hands and head protruding from the unit since the device has integrated slits for your hands and head. Giving you access to do some other stuff you normally cannot do in a regular sauna.

Meanwhile, a pre-built sauna gives you the effect of being in a “real” sauna. But since you can have this kind of infrared portable sauna installed in your very own home, office or place of choice, it saves you the hassle of having a reservation and going to your health club for that much needed muscle relaxation. But instead of calling your designer for that expensive bathroom solution, you can now get that hassle free pre built ones and can assemble them in your bathroom in less than an hour!

There are many advantages of getting those infrared portable saunas, including less hassle of going to spas or health clubs, and expensive dues you would need to pay; it is compact so you can easily take it wherever you want. But with the advantages also has several disadvantages like the kind of heat that you get from the real sauna although it may be a little possible in built in saunas, portable foldable ones may not readily be able to give you the desired heat.

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