There are many ways to earn money by way of affiliate products online. In fact, this is the latest in a number of passive methods whereby everyday people are able to generate a living from an online business.

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Passive income basically means that it’s possible to earn money whether you work or not You can go on holidays but the money keeps coming.

However, the earning of passive income does come a little further down the line. First it is necessary to get the ball rolling. The process begins by picking a product or service, which you feel you can confidently represent and sell.

In effect, by choosing to become an affiliate representative of a product or service, you are electing to sell the products or services of another company. When you do so, they pay you a commission.

In order to make the system work for you financially, it is important to choose a company that offers high quality products or services, has an effective sales tracking system in place and pays out a worthwhile commission for each sale.

If you don’t know anything about this type of business, there are plenty of sites which offer crash courses and online tutorials. There are also companies that will help you set up and put you in touch with a number of companies with affiliate programs.

Carbon Copy Pro is one such company that offers both tutorials and an affiliate program. However, there are many more and a quick Google search will locate them. Sites such as, and are just a few.

Two of the leading affiliate programs on the Internet are offered by the various Forex (or foreign exchange) brokers and the various online gambling or casino related web sites.

Forex is the largest financial market in the world. It operates 24 / 7, five days a week. The affiliate program offered by the various brokers is called being an “introducing agent.” Introducing agents “introduce” potential clients to brokers. When someone sets up a live account the introducing broker gets part of the commissions collected by the broker.

Being an introducing broker does demand a basic understanding of how Forex accounts work, but like anything, these things can be learned.

Another popular affiliate program is offered by online casinos. There are more than 2000 online casinos on the Internet with more being launched every day. All of these casinos need customers and they are willing to pay out for referrals to their sites.

This works by placing ad banners and links to live games on your web site. Every time a new player clicks through to a casino site from your site, the casino site pays out a commission.

But there are many other affiliate programs that are just as easy to get involved in, for example, Clickbank. This site sells ‘How To’ e-books and other digital products. By agreeing to promote an e-book or other digital product on behalf of a vendor, it’s possible to make a commission.

One of the biggest, best and most reputable affiliate programs online is that of Amazon, the world’s largest Internet retailer. In short, there are countless ways to earn money by affiliate programs online.

Mobile casinos are a great new addition to the world of gambling. These are relatively recent and have been a boon to many avid gamblers who used to find it difficult to indulge in their gaming instincts whenever they wanted to. Live casinos are not accessible to everyone. A person living all the way in Minnesota cannot always afford to fly to Vegas or Atlantic City when he wants to play poker or something. These people had to miss out on the fun and excitement of their favorite gambling games due to financial and geographical restraints, as well as other responsibilities.

Every person has their home and business responsibilities. Nobody can just hop on a plane and fly off to Vegas all the time. I mean, very few people are millionaires, and even fewer gamblers are that rich. Parents, especially single parents have to stay home to watch their children most of the time. I mean, most casinos don’t allow babies on the premises, no matter how cute your little angel may be. Thus, parenthood can put a serious damper on your champion gambling abilities.

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