Speakers have become one of the most important parts of computer, as they quite effectively improve your overall experience with it. Hence, almost all people in the world like buying computers or laptops with a speaker system. But, when it comes to positioning this high value product, people just fail out in it that may cause a big damage to the speaker system.

SRS-XP700 Wireless Speaker with Omnidirectional Party Sound | Sony PK

Hence, for getting good value of your money, one must buy a speaker stand with a speaker system. Speaker stands are believed to be the most important accessories of amplifiers http://itsnews.co.uk/. They allow loudspeakers to be placed quite comfortably and serve many important purposes related to bookshelf speakers.

History of Speaker Stands: High fidelity enthusiasts and many renowned musicians during 1980s discovers that it’s quite appropriate to lift the speakers off the ground and mount or place them on some equipment that create no vibration and enhance sound quality. This thought of them worked out and resulted into the invention of speaker stands, which could very effectively remove any deleterious colourations that was passed through unnecessary vibration. Later, this invention was found the best.

• Improves Sound Quality – The good quality speaker stands allow speakers to be placed on a solid platform that increases the overall sound quality, chiefly bass. They effectively isolate the vibration of a speaker from the floor so that you can only hear the bass.
• Provides Great Listening Height: The main functionality of a speaker stand is that it allows speakers to be placed at roughly ear level. This function of a speaker stand is considered quite essential as it lines up the woofer(s) and tweeter(s) of speaker with the ear of a person when sitting down and grab an absolute balance of sound.

After benefits, lets talk about the appearance and style. As speaker stands are considered a piece of furniture, they tend to look good. This amazing accessory helps you showing-off your speakers at best possible way and even beautifies that particular space, where it has been kept.

So, get one good speaker stand and improve both the sound quality of your computer speaker and the appearance of living area of your sweet home. But when buying this beautiful and most essential accessory, there are few things that you must remember such as: the stands with solid feel are the best choice. But just don’t go over the appearance; see to it that a solid stand has no sound when tap it. See the stability of a stand so that it is not easily moved by kids as it may cause some damages. Now comes the appearance, buy one that has an appropriate color and style to suit the appearance of your speakers. For those, have carpeted floors, must select a stand with spikes on the bottom. And most importantly, select one that can place the middle of the speaker at ear level, approximately 22″ to 28″ in height when sitting. Finally comes the brands, make sure that you go with right brand, because much of its quality and durability depend upon the performance of a manufacturing company.

Multi channel also known as surround sound speakers are entire speaker systems that encircle the listener, immersing them in the sound from the movie or audio source. To provide this immersive experience multi channel speakers need to be situated to put the listener in an optimum central position. If you are a music lover, a hobbyist or you just need a top quality audio system to enhance your enjoyment, multi channel speaker systems can offer this. All that is required is an effective layout of the speakers and accurate calibration, via the receivers set-up utility, so that each of the speakers employ a correct setting which is relative to the listener’s location in the room.

So what types of speakers do you need? The most common surround sound set-up is a 5.1 system which consists of 5 satellite speakers and a subwoofer bass unit, this is the set-up I will discuss here.

Front right and left speakers are your first consideration. These front speakers can be wall or shelf mounted or utilise floor stands. These speakers generally provide the main elements of the audio and should be positioned to either side of your television set, providing a decent spread for the frontal audio. Think here about how you would typically place a set of stereo speakers.

Next a centre speaker is an important consideration as it will manage the majority of the conversation or vocal from your source material. The centre speaker is situated above or below your Television set. A higher quality central speaker is often a wise purchase for clarity of dialogue in your sound. The centre speaker needs to be placed as near to the television set as is possible so the direction of your most important sound is correct, even so do not position the speaker too high or low sending the noise over the listeners heads or directed at their feet. Angling this speaker accordingly will help.

The sound carried by rear speakers is more subtle than the front and centre set units, providing atmosphere rather than direct in your face sound. Rear speakers naturally need to be positioned at the rear of the viewing position as well as to the sides and facing the listener. Preferably they should be in-line with the front speakers and spaced similarly. Another consideration for rear speakers is cabling, typically a long cable run is required to these speakers which can pose a trip hazard or just be very unsightly so some forethought is required here.

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