People are keeping their cars and trucks longer due to the current economy. To get the most miles out of your car, you need to do routine maintenance on it and learn how to spot the signs of trouble. One sign of trouble is when smoke comes out of the exhaust system or from under the hood. The color of the smoke will give you some clues as to the nature of the problem.

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White smoke coming from the tailpipe is normal when the car is cold. If it is constant, it is a sign that coolant is getting into one or more cylinders in the engine where it is burned. The white smoke is actually steam. Coolant leaking into a cylinder is most often caused by the vehicle overheating. The excessive heat will result in a cracked head or bad head gasket how much does a gallon of milk weigh . To diagnose this you only have to check the level of coolant in the radiator or overflow bottle. If it is low, check the oil on either the oil fill cap or the dipstick. If it is a brown or milky color, there is coolant in it. If that is the case, it needs to be repaired immediately. If you continue to drive the vehicle, the engine will be severely damaged.

Blue or gray smoke is the result of oil leaking into one or more cylinders and burning with the fuel air mixture how to close upstox account . This occurs more often in older cars or those with high mileage. Along with the smoke, you will also notice that the oil level in your car is always low, it tends to misfire, your gas mileage has dropped significantly and it has less power.

There are many things that can fail and thereby cause oil to seep into a cylinder. Those things include the PVC valve, piston rings, o-ring, head gasket, valve seals, valve guides and even a cracked head. To determine the cause and extend of the problem, a compression test should be done. For most people, that means taking the car to a repair shop. Unfortunately, the testing and repairs can cost several hundred dollars.

For a quick fix, you can try using a thicker weight oil or using an oil additive designed to reduce oil leaks. If you try this, you also need to either replace your spark plugs or at least clean the oil off of them.

Black smoke is a sign that there is too much gas or not enough air in the cylinders. The gas is not being completely burned. If you own an older car that has a carburetor, it might just be out of alignment or need the choke replaced. One of the most common causes of black smoke in modern cars and the easiest to fix is a dirty air filter. A dirty air filter reduces the amount of air in the cylinders. If the black smoke occurs when the car is accelerating, a bad valve stem seas is the likely cause. Other causes include faulty fuel pump, fuel injector, mass airflow sensor, throttle position sensor, engine coolant sensor, fuel pressure regulator, catalytic convertor, EGR valve or a vacuum leak. One way to check for a vacuum leak is to examine the hose to the PCV valve for signs of wear or cracks. If that is the case, replacing the hose should solve the problem. If not, you will have to take the car to a repair shop for an engine analysis and vacuum leak test.

I laughed when a client told me that her children are making smoking miserable for her. She likes to sit outside with a glass of wine and have a relaxing smoke. But her three children had launched a campaign of disruption.

Coming out one at a time nagging her about smoking and its dangers. She said she was losing the pleasure of smoking. This was interesting because she had already told me that she didn’t like smoking anymore!

Even though she didn’t actually like the taste or smell of cigarettes, she liked the idea of what she perceived smoking had offered her in the past.

She was a little nostalgic for all of those times she had escaped her family duties by going outside and relaxing with a cigarette. Within that sentence was her true answer. The cigarette wasn’t relaxing her at all, she was relaxing with a cigarette!

Now, she has successfully quit with hypnosis, she relaxes outside in her favourite place just fine. Her children let her relax in peace, mostly, but now their interruptions are for normal kid’s reasons, not to try to protect their mother and themselves.

As a smoker you may not think about how your children feel about your habit. But they worry about their parents, they have heard lots of stories of orphans and they fear you won’t be there for them and they fear being alone.

This may sound dramatic, but it’s, how many children feel, even if they don’t voice their concern.

So not only did my client save her own life, she relieved her family of a lot of unnecessary stress resulting in a much happier family life, not to mention mum doesn’t smell like an ashtray when she comes in from her outside relaxation spot any more.

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